2023-6-31 2 min read
Learning Astro
Zooming into the stratosphere with (perhaps) the world's fastest web framework

I’m a little bit of a performance nut. I love efficiency and getting the most out of my hardware. So when I discovered Astro through Fireship I knew I had to try it out. However, I didn’t just want to build a test project and then forget about it, I wanted to use it properly. So what better way than to rewrite my personal site with it?

My site (this one!) was getting a little outdated. I hadn’t touched it in a while since I was mostly using it as a list of technologies for prospective employers, and it hadn’t really been necessary to update. Its hand-crafted HTML was fine, but nobody ever sees that. I felt like I wanted it to be more than just a simple page, but not something I’d need to pull in an entire JS framework for. There’s no real dynamic content, so such a large and complex bundle would be overkill. This middle-ground is where I think Astro excels.

Right now, this site runs on Astro and hosts my portfolio as well as multiple blog posts written in Markdown. I’ve quite enjoyed rewriting it in Astro, as it’s easy to set up and rather flexible in how you can write your components. Complex components aren’t really required here so I haven’t yet had a deep-dive into Astro’s island architecture yet, but I’m excited to continue the journey!

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